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Delken® is a certified master dry cleaner. We use Sanitone©, the unique process that not only gently cleans fabrics, but actually revives color and texture.

Keep your garments looking new!

To maximize the life of all your garments, the following general tips are recommended:

Make sure the clothes fit properly. If a garment does not fit properly it will prematurely wear in certain areas.

Garments should be rotated and laundered properly. Shirts should be laundered after every wearing. Bottoms (pants, skirts, etc.) could be worn more than once depending upon the amount of wear and soilage.

Mend rips, tears and other problems promptly. Letting even little things go will shorten the useful life of the garment, and cause it to look old before its time.

Always be sure to read and follow the care instructions on the garment label. Proper care will vary depending on the fiber content, and also on the finishes, linings, insulations, trims, and embellishments on the garment.

Clean garments regularly and when needed. Built-up dirt can get ground deep into the fabric, making stains difficult to remove and can even damage the fabric.

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Garment Care Tips

Here are some tips that can help you in protecting your garments. Contact our expert with any questions you may have!

The Sanitone Advantage

  • Bring your garment in for professional cleaning as soon as possible after any spotting occurs.

  • Spots and soil which are left too long can be impossible to remove and can shorten the life of your garment.

  • Point out any light or difficult to see spots that you are aware of; such as wine or soft drink stains, which may require special treatment.

  • Try to keep wet perfumes, deodorants, antiperspirant and other toiletries from coming into contact with your clothes. These products are likely to contain alcohol or other chemicals, which can effect some dyes and fabrics. Allow them to dry before dressing.

  • Matching pieces should be cleaned together including bedspreads and drapes, so that any fading will be uniform and the pieces will still match.

  • Don't press stained or soiled clothes. Heat can set some stains.


Wedding gown - DelkenProtect that cherished memory by letting Delken® clean and store your precious wedding gown for you. Then one day, perhaps your daughter will again wear the same dress, in the same brand new condition it was in when you took your vows in it all those years ago!







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